Kaïmaki – Greek jazz 

The Jazz quintet Kaïmaki follow us thought the people encountered.

‘‘Rébète un peu pour voir’’ is a tribute to Rebetiko, a popular Greek music genre of the 1920s. ‘‘Sti steria dhen zi to Psari’’ is a cover of a well-known revolutionary song of the 19th century. The ‘‘Lettre à la France’’ (Letter to France) pronounced 14 July 1945 by the resistant Yann Ritsos is a highlight of the movie.

The music of the movie comes from the album ‘‘Mataroa’’ talks about exile, liberty, resistance and faith. A music and poetical fresco that question the concept of identity.

The group is well aware of the concept of identity. Stéphane Tsapis is the pianist and the song writer. He has Greek origins and he’s the founder of the band. He gathers with him a Lebanese and Greek saxophonist, a Brazilian bass player, a Greek actress and a Basque drummer. The group was created in 2010 with the idea to create music around Greece, Jazz and poetry.
The name of the group has for origins the mastic, a well-known Greek ice cream.

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Kaïmaki’s press review

Spike 69 – Greek rap

Spike 69 is a French-Greek committed rapper. His song Ellada Pantodynami is a tribute to the youth indignation.Far from the mainstream rap cliché, his CD is homemade and sold in only in a few places in Athens.
The gathering with this artist was made as the image of the movie: meeting and speaking with Greeks, simply and quite naturally.

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Athens’ Streets musicians

Athens’ Streets musicians give life to the city with the rhythm of their instruments. From Monastiraki to the Syntagma square, their traditional songs fly us across Greece.