Ana Dumitrescu – Filmmaker

Ana Dumitrescu

International reporter, Ana Dumitrescu contributed with a large number of medias, especially the Gamma-Rapho Agency and the National Geographic. She treats social issues like the survivors of the Romani deportation in the Second World War, homophobia problems in Romania or undocumented workers in France.

Her work is to put the lights on the problems of society by showing the opinions of the people who live these problems.

The image is a form of writing. Images gives to Ana Dumitrescu so many ways to express her art and tell real life stories. She wants through the images express the emotions lived by the human people encountered.

She keeps from photography an alive and responsive realisation, close to the people.

Self-taught women, instinct guides her while she photograph and film as she forgets voluntary the codes. This is what makes her work so fluid and natural. She passed naturally from her first love photography to making film documentaries and explore the possibilities in sound and image creation.

Film, photograph.
It’s also the way to reveal, share, show and easy to reach to everyone this point of view.